We have been in the game of SPORT for almost 100 years. It’s our passion. We honour the camaraderie, celebrate the wins, and applaud the ability to play, share and enjoy sport throughout life. It’s our HERITAGE and nothing makes us prouder. It defines and shapes our designs, sponsorships, people, teams, and initiatives.

Our CHARACTER is defined by joint team effort. We are challengers that won’t conform. We aren’t afraid to take a stand and speak up for what we believe. No matter what we do, we’re doing it together. Taking on every challenge we face. Because it takes courage to drive change. To stand out. And that’s our attitude.

At heart, we are shaped by our DANISHNESS. We fight for equality and inclusivity. For us, the pitch is not a battlefield. It’s an arena to share greatness. And we’re always driven by progress. Bringing honesty, heart, and passion to the game. It is our core. Our home – and our culture.

Above all, we love the game and don’t hesitate to bring KARMA into play when the opportunity arises. Because we believe there are important fights to be fought outside the pitch too. We support the anti-heroes, lift up the underdogs and challenge conventions. And we fight for inclusive communities, empowerment, and game changing perspectives.

This is how we CHANGE THE WORLD THROUGH SPORT. One game at the time

Let's Play. 


HALO is strength, precision and functionality – tailored the determined athlete to whom training isn’t a hobby - but a lifestyle. Designed for individuals who set high expectations for themselves and have a true passion for being active. 

It all started back in 1981 with founder Helge Petersen hanging in a parachute between sky and earth, when he started wondering why his suit was wet while the parachute completely dry.

With a background in the Danish Special Forces and many years as a runner, Helge used the parachute to create an innovative range of functional products emphasizing details and comfort.

At that time, the Danish Special Forces excelled at jumping from high altitudes with low opening. Now, three decades later, HALO pays homage to both the founder as well as the legacy of Newline.

Inspired by the Danish Special Forces, HALO takes functionality and urban style to the next level.

The very DNA of HALO is deeply rooted in the Danish Special Forces added a touch of urban fashion merging active and everyday life. HALO features masculine and minimalistic silhouettes for youthful tastemakers appreciative of fashionable yet sporty aesthetics with multifunctional usage.

HALO offers innovative and high-quality designs strongly inspired by the Danish Special Forces that are made to last season after season across trends, usage and durability. Targeted the passionate and confident individual to whom training isn’t just a hobby but a lifestyle – and HALO a conscious choice serving as a personal statement.


Hanging in a parachute between sky and earth, the founder of Newline, Helge Petersen, started wondering why his suit was wet and the parachute still dry. Later, he used parachute fabric to make one of the first functional running suits ever.

With a background from the Danish Special Forces, a focus on military precision, and many years as a runner, he created an innovative range of functional products with a focus on details and comfort.
This is still the DNA of Newline.

Since 1981 Newline has achieved great success on the international sports scene with distribution in major parts of Europe, and in Asia, the US, Canada, and Australia. Newline offers contemporary running apparel with the highest level of functionality.


Sometime Soon is a founder-driven Danish fashion brand for kids, creatively rooted in metropolitan vibes, culture, and diversity.

Encouraging a strong sense of self, we design for children who are raised to stay true to themselves.

Basically, we create thoughtful and inclusive fashion for your awesome kids.

Sometime Soon empowers the spirit. We understand the importance of making a conscious fashion choice, and we invite you to embrace our invitation to encourage kids to participate in the world without losing the magic of childhood and individuality. 

With the use of BOLD STATEMENTS and QUIRKY DESIGNS, Sometime Soon brings the heartfelt certainty that diversity is not just important but straight up awesome.

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