At hummel, our primary goal is to establish a dynamic and playful work environment. We value transparent and open communication as an essential element of our daily playbook. Our culture is the cornerstone of our ambition when it comes to setting new goals. When we asset ourselves as a sports brand, we are fully committed to achieving success. Our purpose extends beyond mere enjoyment of the game; we play to win!

In our pursuit of triumph, we adopt an aggressive and determined approach, constantly seeking opportunities for our next big victory. Nevertheless, we also function as a unified team, driven by our shared aspirations. We provide unwavering support and stand behind each other whenever a teammate introduces fresh ideas onto the pitch.  


The process of launching a national team jersey

Wearing a national team jersey evokes a sense of unity and belonging. But what about the actual process of creating a national pride symbol?

Having launched seven Danish national team jerseys over the past four years, Jonas Skovborg Johansen, Sponsorship Project Manager at hummel, is extremely experienced in doing just this.

“Launching the national team jersey is a huge event for hummel - both in terms of numbers and attention. Given that it requires meticulous planning, we usually kick off the process at least one-and-a-half years before the actual launch date,” Jonas explains.

From conceptualization to campaign execution, Jonas is involved in every step of the process.

“We always draw inspiration from the past when we start brainstorming for a new design. Our main objective is to ensure that the jersey has a special story attached to it, making it more than just an ordinary jersey but an artifact of history.”

Within the past month, Jonas has been busy launching not just one, but two new national team jerseys - one for the men's team and another for the women's team.

"The launch of a new national team jersey is always something special. What sets it apart is that it's not just about catering to a certain group of fans, but about bringing together an entire nation under one banner."


With a background rooted in International Security and Law and experience from working on Sustainable Development Goals at the Danish Embassy in New Dehli, India, and within the European Union in Pakistan, where he focused on human rights and trade, Ismail became an integral part of hummel in April 2022.  

“Returning to Denmark, I sought a role that combined my passion for international affairs with my commitment to human rights and business – and I found that in hummel,” explains Ismail.

As the CSR Responsible, Ismail plays a crucial role in performing due diligence within our supply chain. His responsibilities extend to overseeing social and environmental sustainability, performing risk assessments of our value chain, and ensuring fair and ethical treatment of workers.

"We actively engage with our suppliers, visiting their facilities, address risks and track progress and ensure they meet our stringent requirements. Our close relationships with the suppliers are integral to preventing violations.”

Looking ahead, Ismail’s vision is to enhance hummel’s implementation of policies and training programs, making aspects of CSR an integrated part of every employee’s decision-making process across the entire company.  

Meet Sandra Nelson: From London's hospitality scene to the world of footwear

Meet Sandra Nelson, a passionate Footwear Developer at hummel, whose career path took an unexpected turn, shifting from managing London's hospitality scene to immersing herself in the world of footwear.

Joining hummel two years ago, Sandra seamlessly secured a role in the footwear department, focusing on two key approaches: refining existing designs with new materials and designer specifications, and the intricate process of crafting entirely new creations from the ground up.

"When starting on a new design, it involves identifying desired shapes and crafting the foundational 'last' to build the shoe around," she explains.

Her responsibilities expanded from lifestyle footwear to encompass performance footwear, where technical precision and innovative design take center stage.

Collaborating with a dynamic team, Sandra navigates the delicate balance of merging heritage with contemporary designs, aiming to create shoes that resonate with legacy while pushing the boundaries of modern style.

"Our journey isn't solely about paying homage to the past. It's about sculpting the future, where hummel becomes more than a childhood memory – it becomes a brand that speaks to the aspirations of today's youth.”

Empowering Team Sports: A Glimpse into Jan Lundtoft's Journey at hummel

Curious about the inner workings of sports apparel innovation? Let's dive into the captivating journey of Jan Lundtoft, our Senior Product Developer for Teamsport Apparel.

As a vital member of our Teamsport department since 2016, Jan takes the lead in shaping hummel's product portfolio. His role involves meticulous supplier selection, strict quality control, and overseeing the crucial process of material selection.

“Teamsport isn’t just a category; it's a shared passion that fosters camaraderie, teamwork, and character development. Whether you find yourself in sports halls, football pitches, handball courts, or schoolyards, hummel's presence in Denmark is undeniable," Jan reveals.

"My responsibilities are centered on fine-tuning our product lineup, ensuring that we maintain a delicate balance between innovative design and market-driven pricing strategies."

In close collaboration with our talented designers, Jan ensures that our products not only look stylish but also deliver flawless performance. 

“It's a dynamic partnership where creativity meets practicality, ensuring that we consistently introduce exciting new products that firmly establish our position in the competitive sports apparel market,” Jan states. 


Maria Rossau Lynggaard Bording, Category Manager in hummel's Kids Apparel & Sometime Soon, knows what it takes: “Patience, the audacity to speak up and hard work.”

Maria’s adventure started in 2014, when she joined hummel as a procurement trainee. At first, she found the job quite overwhelming and considered leaving a couple of times. However, this all changed when she got the opportunity to go on a business trip. 

“Suddenly it all made sense – what I was doing and why I was doing it. I could see the opportunities right in front of me,” says Maria. After a couple of years, Maria enquired about whether it would be possible to live and work abroad, while remaining with hummel. Her straightforwardness paid off and she ended up in India for four months working at one of hummel’s suppliers. 

“On my previous trips, I noticed how much you could learn in a short matter of time. It was this intense learning that appealed to me. I wanted a better insight into the challenges they are facing out there,” says Maria.

Not long after her return to Denmark, Maria was asked to take responsibility for hummel kids’ entire production, which offered 80-90 travel days a year and a chance for Maria to use her previous experience from India. 

From three to nine: Mads Morre's IT evolution at hummel

Behind every innovative product, every captivating marketing campaign, and every seamless operation, there's a powerful force that often goes unnoticed: Information Technology. Allow us to introduce Mads Morre, an unwavering cornerstone of hummel's IT domain for a remarkable seven-year journey, playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of our brand.
Initially, Mads was part of a minor IT team of three, sharing diverse responsibilities and conquering challenges together. Following a brief hiatus, Mads returned to hummel in 2021 and now holds a crucial position in our IT department, which has since expanded to include nine team members.  
In his current role as BC developer, Mads works on system integrations and process optimization, exemplifying that IT isn't just a support function; it's a driving force in our company's journey.
One of his most challenging projects has been working on our new warehouse integration, ensuring seamless data flow between systems - a project that has been technically demanding but immensely rewarding.
To put it in our own language, Mads and his teammates serve as our indispensable central midfield, uniting all elements to provide our strikers with the best opportunities to score goals. 

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