hummel Distribution Center (hDC) was established in August 2022 and is the biggest investment in hummel's 100-year history. The Distribution Center is located in Padborg, Denmark, and covers an area of 31,000 square meters. The warehouse is equipped with an Autostore system consisting of 97,000 boxes and 100 Blackline robots. From the hummel Distribution Center, we serve 35 countries and all types of customers, including e-commerce, wholesale, and retail.


At hummel Distribution Center (hDC), we have fostered an inclusive working environment that welcomes everyone. Mutual respect is paramount to us, as we strive for top-notch performance while ensuring an enjoyable team dynamic. 

Our team consists of individuals from diverse backgrounds, spanning various nationalities, and fulfilling different roles in both the administration and warehouse departments. Despite our distinct functions, we remain united, playing together on a shared field.

At the hummel Distribution Center, we commemorate all our achievements, whether it is the outstanding performance of our Autostore or the successful attainment of collective objectives throughout the hummel organisation.

I place great importance on feeling valued by the company as an individual, and I am grateful that hummel recognizes the worth of its employees and is eager to invest in their development, which I have personally experienced first-hand,” she finishes.
Maryna Muntian
Planning Assistant


When signing up to become part of our hummel hDC team we have scheduled several onboarding activities to make sure you are well received and introduced to the entire organization and close collaborators. Therefore, we have designed an onboarding process that consists of several elements, giving you a 360-degree perspective of the entire business. Before your first day you will receive an introduction program from your immediate manager. In the program you can see what elements of our business you are going to be introduced to as a start.

At hummel we cherish our community and want to make sure that there is a good karma between our employees. As a result, we have created a program where all new employees are matched up with another, specially elected employee. We call this our Karma Buddy Program. The Karma Buddy will be available to you before your first day and will help you create a social environment in hummel hDC.

In the Service Center, our assistants play a crucial role in managing all returns and ensuring customers receive proper credit for their items. Every day, our assistants handle customer inquiries via email and phone, providing support to customers from all the countries where our products are sold.
Our Warehouse employees are responsible for receiving packages and stocking the autostore (Inbound), packing and sending the orders to the customers (Outbound), handling return items (Return) or work with the autostore itself. In our warehouse we have Warehouse Assistants and Team leads who all work in either day, evening, night, or weekend shifts.
At the Transportation Department, our employees have a crucial responsibility: delivering impeccable service to our customers and ensuring timely delivery to all customers in e-commerce, wholesale, and retail. The freight forwarders are responsible for the execution of hummel's transportation across various modes, including road, sea, air, and courier services.
Our technicians’ main task is to provide technical knowledge to the machines and facility, to ensure optimal uptime of equipment and installations, and making preventive maintenance and repairs. Productivity, safety, and high quality is in focus. A proactive approach gives the best facilities and provide the warehouse with the newest technology and automation.


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